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Stanzza is a global music distribution platform that empowers artists, allowing them to publish, distribute and manage their music globally to the top international music services.
£0 A Month
Just a 20% fee on all monthly sales
£0 A Month
Just a 20% fee on all monthly sales

what we do

Stanzaa empowers artists with constant situational awareness of their content by deploying groundbreaking analytical tools; enabling artists to concentrate on the more important items. Stanzaa monitors your music rights and intellectual property, protects your revenues and captures unauthorized music downloads of your content.

The Stanzaa platform provides the power of a major label in its ability to publish and distribute artists of every level, anywhere worldwide. Free your creativity and share it with the globe. Join the Stanzaa community today.

what we offer


Take advantage of our distribution network and impact global fans and followers by publishing to the most recognized music service's the industry has to offer. In addition to our global distribution chain, artists also can publish and sell music direct to consumers through the Stanzaa Artist Platform.



Stanzaa lets the technology work for you by offering a variety of tailored options to suit even the most engaged artist. By empowering you, we help you grow.



Stanzaa creates and promotes tailored, unique artists platforms, which become the hive of activity of purchasing, streaming, and promoting the artist’s music.



Analyze shares, downloads, streams and sales. Identify your best demographics, and tailor your creativity to suit visible trends and patterns. Stanzaa analytical tools empower you with the information you need to give you the edge within the music industry.



Underpinned by some of the latest technology innovations using a decentralized peer to peer distribution system.  Integration into social media analytic tools such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram and youtube. Allowing you to control the distribution from your platform to your audience giving you a global reach.